Learning to listen and lead life through my heart…

I’ve learned leading life through my egoic mind brings me to a self-focused path, a narrow perspective, a harsh tongue, regretful actions, resulting in pain and suffering.

I am learning to listen and lead life through my heart. Sometimes easy, other times difficult!

Practicing hatha yoga, I’m afforded a daily opportunity to refocus and reset my intentions through my heart. When my teacher says, “keep your eyes on your own eyes,” this currently means for me to keep my awareness at my heart and create an internal, visual loop up and down my spine. When I look into eyes, I often critique my postures, and my meditative experience is lost as my egoic mind takes over. When I keep my focus at my heart and intuition and breathing, my mind becomes still and quiet, my body and overall awareness expands, letting light and understanding surface.

I move into each posture, focused at my heart while listening to my body, breath inhaling to lift, breath exhaling to express. When I am able to remain in this state, I express and experience each posture more deeply, with greater stillness and balance. My breath remains calm, and I feel locked into my soul and a higher purpose. Through this work, I am becoming more capable of questioning my intentions and (sometimes!) I can catch myself when my ego takes over.

It’s amazing how full and beautiful and strong and loving and abundant our souls are, and I’m eager to continue my walk in life by leading with my heart.

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