Facing the Fear…

I recently met Paul Handover, blogger at “Learning from Dogs“,  and during one of our conversations I explained my recent recovery from my debilitating fear of dogs. He asked me to write about my experience as a guest blogger – I hope you have time to read the post and enjoy other posts on Paul’s blog. His work is simultaneously captivating and thought provoking – In “The Vulture That Waited for the Child To Die” – Paul’s words and thoughts combined with the amazing Pulitzer prize-winning photo – touched me deep into my core.

2 responses to “Facing the Fear…

  1. Amy, your post is more than generous. And not to take credit from elsewhere, the Post that you refer to, this one http://learningfromdogs.com/2012/02/16/reaching-out-across-nations/ I first saw on Nakib’s blog Freedom to Survive. Nakib is a young Bangladeshi living in the city of Dhaka, more of his background here http://freedomtosurvive.wordpress.com/about/

  2. Paul, thank you for the clarification and the links to the original post!

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