Your Feet…

Your feet keep you grounded on this earth. Focus your attention and awareness on your feet – strengthen your feet – roll up on your toes daily – and hold yourself there – learn to balance by becoming aware of, and using all of the muscles in your feet. Become aware of the surface you are standing on – from waist down, push yourself with stability into the earth. From the waist up, stand with your spine straight and lengthen through the top of your head upwards. Pretend there is a string on top of your head and someone is gently pulling you up.

Draw your awareness to your feet. Push your feet onto the floor. Stand on the floor with your whole foot. Push your toes into the earth, firmly and without a death grip. Envision growing strong stable roots from your feet into the earth.

By simply becoming aware of your feet, you get amazing stability and balance. Without physical balance, it is difficult to find balance in life – physically or mentally. Without balance we cannot walk with purpose on this earth. There is no other reason to live except to move towards understanding our purpose, and then aligning our lives to achieve that purpose.

When you can stand solidly, with resolve and balance and strength, you grow your ability to face any challenge or opportunity that the universe presents to you. When you are not aware of your feet and do not have a solid base, simple things knock you off your feet – either physically or mentally.

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