Hot Yoga Benefits…

Short excerpt below – see full blog post and make sure to read/absorb Kevin’s comment at the end of the full post. I’ve similarly experienced this – calming my chattering mind & becoming more clear about my life’s purpose and focus:


Weight Loss
Muscle and Joint Pain
Tension Relief
 Immune System
 Increased Performance

But these massive physical benefits are just a “side effect” of this mighty exercise. Hot yoga benefits your body by harmonizing the psyche with the body and ends in authentic quantum benefits. It has become an open secret that the determination in the mind has enabled individuals to attain extraordinary physical feats, which proves definitely the psyche and body relationship.

What is hot yoga? The truth is hot yoga equals meditation, for the reason that both work mutually in accomplishing the common objective of unity of psyche, body and spirit that may result in an experience of eternal bliss that one could only feel through yoga. The meditative practices via yoga assist in attaining an emotional stability through detachment. This consequently makes a remarkable tranquility as well as a positive outlook, which also has great benefits over the physical health of the body.

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