Getting Similar Effects of Electrical Brain Stimulation Through Yoga and Meditation

The title, far from being denigrating, refers to the belief that when true awareness is practiced, meditation and non-meditation become the same.

I took our Sunday silent class this past weekend at Yoga 101. Dan was teaching and I thanked him for guiding us through a beautiful moving meditation. I mentioned my gratitude for silent classes because they afford me the opportunity to really get out of my head, listen to my body, and simply focus on my breath. There’s no teacher talking, telling us to move our hip down or lift our chest up. The mind-chatter, the posture critique / tweak, the ego – it all simply stops. Dan referenced this article: How Electrical Brain Stimulation Can Change The Way We Think.  I find it absolutely fascinating.

As a yogini and yoga teacher, I believe you can get similar effects of clarity, focus, and silencing your mind-chatter through yoga and meditation. I haven’t had an electrical charge to my brain – perhaps it is a higher level of clarity, perhaps it is not. I do know from personal experience that yoga and meditation silences my mind-chatter. I’ve cultivated extreme focus, creativity, peace, discipline, happiness, calm, stillness, balance, compassion, and patience. I’ve remapped my brain and let go of that crazy non-sense of self-doubt and criticism – for the most part. I’m human – I still get sucked into my head from time to time, but my yoga practice has truly transformed all aspects of my life! I’ve cultivated the ability to lock into this beautiful place within myself… all through yoga and meditation. To each his own, definitely, but I’d encourage you to try a natural way – a yoga way!

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