I See Everyone As Being A Unique Individual…

Having within himself an X factor, for want of a better name. Something within the you of you that is only yours, that is different from everybody else, that causes you to see differently, to feel differently, to react differently. I believe that each of us has this and I only hope that you’ve been fortunate to have met someone along the line who’s helped you develop it. Because maybe the essense of education is not to stuff you with facts but to help you discover your uniqueness, to teach you how to develop it, and then show you how to give it away.

Learn that you don’t find yourself by looking outside yourself. You have to look inside. It’s not an easy trip, the trip of finding your uniqueness to share with others, because all of your life you’re told by others who you are. Has it ever occured to you that you are not really you? Most of you are what people have told you you are. And maybe some of you have been wise enough to get hooked on the fact that others meant well, but what they say you are may not be congruent with what you really are, because you feel uncomfortable with the role that’s been thrown on you. And so you smash it. And you say, “I’m going to try and find who I am.” – Leo Buscaglia

Go inward, find stillness there – sit there – and find out who you really are – because I too believe that each of us has a responsibility of finding our real selves, our true passions, our true purpose – and then going out into the world and sharing our true selves with everyone. Hatha yoga, a moving meditation, helps me go inward – helps me find the stillness – helps me silence my constantly active mind – and has helped me find me, make peace with myself and truly love myself. I cultivate a better me every single day through my yoga practice. Perhaps yoga can help you too.

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