The mind is like the sky…

“The mind is like the sky: clear and crisp at one moment, cloud covered and confused the next. Full of hopeful thoughts now, despairing of the future later. Angry and agitated, and then kindly, calm. It is a landscape of changing, shifting thoughts. The mind is not our thoughts, just as the sky is not the weather. Mind and sky are both spacious containers for life’s continual, creative impulses. If you were to examine your thoughts – really examine them, as they roll across the landscape of your mind – you would begin to notice how repetitious they are, and how you are tricked, over and over, into believing that each new combination of mental stuff is a solid picture of reality. Sit quietly for sixty seconds if you need to be convinced of this, and watch the way your mental weather continually changes.”

“There is something we can do that gets to the root of our most stormy mental weather. It doesn’t get rid of a stormy mood and replace it with a sunny one. Meditation does something much more subtle and even more magical. It wakes us up and leaves us standing tall in any weather.”

– Elizabeth Lessor – The Seeker’s Guide

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