The “Infinity” sculpture was once a rusty metal pipe. The pieces cut from the pipe have been polished and welded together to create a new sculptural piece. This piece is great as a centerpiece or solo pedestal piece. Dimensions: 16″H x 8″W x 6″D.

I’ve been in several, almost too many, conversations lately, where the conversation has been highly judgemental – people being highly critical of others. It’s been painful to be a part of such conversations. I’ve been working hard to reduce judgement (of myself and others). When I participate in these types of conversations, even if I become quiet, I feel I am taking steps backwards instead of forwards. I’m at a loss as to what to say, what to do, other than become quiet, observant. It has been painful to see how hurtful people can be of others. Why do people do this? It’s like we get fuel for our own egos as we tear someone apart, rip this person to shreds as we falsely build ourselves. We are all the same – each one of us is equally important – we each have a purpose – no one is better or of higher stature than anyone else.As I sit here judging people who were judging others – I am going to again ask myself not to judge. Not to be so critical of others. Love people exactly where they are at this time in their life. And in the same vein, I am going to again try to remove the self-criticism, the self judging – and love myself exactly where I am at this time in my life. Let’s work to uplift – work to remove the pain and suffering within ourselves and within this world. Focus on the positives, find peace and happiness – and share that. Have positive, uplifting conversations.

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