Yoga Thoughts from Catherine Ghosh…

Full Post by Catherine Ghosh

This handmade sculptural ceramic pottery vessel is thrown on the potters wheel.
I have thrown it with thick walls to allow for deep carving.
I wait until a certain degree of drying has occurred and then I carve and manipulate the creamy porcelain clay by hand.
I do not add any additional clay, I only subtract.
The piece is bisque fired in my electric kiln and then glazed a glossy clear on the interior of the vessel and the recessed bottom of the foot only.
The outside is left naked allowing appreciation of the matte texture and creamy color of the natural clay.
The piece is then fired again in my electric kiln to over 2185 degrees.
It is completely water-tight and the clay is fully vitrified at this point(no longer porous).
The vessel is 5 5/8″ tall x 5 5/8″ wide.
This piece is inspired by texture in nature and folds of textiles.
The organic yet modern appearance entices the eye.
I do not attempt to recreate but rather, to reinterpret my inspirations.
I most enjoy the process of carving these pieces and I believe my enjoyment is evident in the final visual result.
As with all of my work, there is no slip-casting or molds involved.
Each piece is handmade and therefore “one of a kind”.
Even if similar items are made, they are never EXACTLY alike,
as that would be impossible!

Briefly….Yoga is the practice of being able to squeeze value out of unavoidable conflicts that appear in our life. There is a yogic principle that states that all unavoidable situations in life are the ripest opportunities in which to practice yoga. In this sense, the conflicts we face in our lives become of utmost value to us. Not that we deliberately feed or instigate conflict, but that when we find ourselves in the midst of it, as Arjuna did, we use it to deepen our yoga practice.

Yoga means opening ourselves up to really listening to another person. Becoming receptive to what another has to share begins to breech the distance between us and them. This heartfelt hearing becomes an offering of peace. The focus then shifts from the forces that divide us, to the forces that unite us. The most powerful forces of unification are those that move our hearts toward love.

Yoga is the knowledge we realize in our hearts, and not merely grasp with our minds. For it is only to the extent that we hear another person that we will know how to respond. This knowledge of how to bring peace to others is within us, if only we listen.

Yoga is entering into heartfelt dialogue with another person. Every time we enter into heartfelt dialogue with another soul, we are moving closer and closer to their divine core.

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