What is this thing called bliss?…

A colorful large 36×24″ modern art abstract painting in shades of blue, white, orange, gold, red, yellow and multiple mixed colors.
The canvas is a professional staple free gallery wrapped canvas and is ready to hang. The sides are painted if you prefer not to frame. I hope that you enjoy it and I thank you for your interest!

And, how can we encourage its presence in our everyday lives? Bliss is perhaps more easily defined by what it is not. It is not fear. It is not dread. Bliss comes into being only in the absence of anxiety. Furthermore, it is not anger or judgement or rejection or denial. Bliss is not anything negative.

Bliss thrives in the presence of love, compassion, acceptance, trust, and all things positive. Bliss is the flow of pure Spirit into our lives. It is our natural state when we let go of all our thoughts and judgements and contractions and beliefs and other cognitive baggage and simply open up to the passion of being alive and filled with our ultimate life source, your higher power’s infinite creative joy and love.  – John Selby – Seven Masters, One Path

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