The Definition of Insanity….

Doing the same things, expecting different results. STOP. Breathe. Listen internally, not externally. If you want to make positive changes in your life, and you keep getting stuck in past patterns / behaviors / thoughts…. limiting yourself from moving forward….. reach out to someone – get a fitness coach, get a life coach, practice private yoga, work with a wellness practitioner. Change and personal growth is very possible for all of us, but it can be grippingly difficult at times – transformational yes, but sometimes soooo difficult to do on our own. Stop swirling around, repeating similar past mistakes/regrets; find a person or resources who can help you move beyond your own self-limitations. Go Grow!

2 responses to “The Definition of Insanity….

  1. Thank you Amy, “Grippingly difficult” is very telling, yes, we often either try to do too much or not enough, we also ebb and flow with motivation, time constraints, etc. I’ve heard it said that progress is sometimes three steps forward and one or two back, or I like the wheel metaphor that speaks of how it will always move toward imbalance but we can re-balance before log before it falls off or we crash. Between work, minor issues with my body, work, lack of motivation, etc., I have been slipping with Diet Doc and yoga, but I am coming back!

  2. Mark – so true – thank you for sharing! I often feel the three steps forward, one step back! I hope to see you in the yoga room soon!

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