Personal responsibility…

Original Art Sketch on Reclaimed Cardboard, “My Wings”. Signed and Dated by the artist. Sketch is done with archival ink pens, marker, and colored pencil.

I believe we all have a personal responsibility to become better human beings – better people – individually and collectively. Not to become “perfect” – just simply applying an effort to live in a better way – more peacefully, joyfully, lightly. This takes opening ourselves up to other perspectives, being flexible, being at peace internally even if there is chaos in our lives. It also involves continuously putting a mirror up and taking a light-hearted look at our own selves rather than blaming others – it’s too easy to blame other people. A great question – “Where am I at fault in this situation – were my words unclear – was my tone negative?” We are all in this together.

2 responses to “Personal responsibility…

  1. Excellent Amy, the “mirror” of introspection and not assigning or shifting blame is so critical, as is not “beating ourselves up”. Asking what my part is happens to be a good reminder! I’ve also heard “what lesson is there to be learned instead if “why me”? Mega “slivers I peace” to you!

  2. Thanks Mark – I like your analogy – of “shifting blame” – it kinda sorta happens often… when often it’s no one persons “fault” – it is just a matter of circumstance. But I guess it makes us feel better as a person if it is someone elses fault. If there is fault – it’s probably a joint fault?! I’m not sure. I like to explore where my part is – both my positive and negative contributions – not to “perfect” myself – but to become a more genuine and peaceful person. I certainly can’t change anyone except myself – change comes from within…love also the reference to “lessons” rather than “why me” – I think the why me that we’ve probably all experienced at some point on our own paths sets ourselves up as a victim…where if we change it to “lessons” – then there’s something of value to learn – both in positive and negative experiences in life. Thanks again!

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