Choose the life you want to live – not the prescriptive life others expect of you…








This post: A Year Without A Car… simply reasonated with me…. I gave my car away 18 months ago – bought a scooter – love the simplicity and lightness it brought to my life….I try not to care about what other people think of me and am doing my very best to choose the life I want to live – not a “prescriptive” life others expect of me.

Some quotes from the full blog post…

“Of all the reasons I love not having a car, that daily experience tops the list.

If you look at my life through the lens of what you’re “supposed” to be, I shouldn’t be happy.

I realize that I am fortunate. I chose to give those things up. As someone who has lived both ways, I have to say that those who don’t have the “list” of accomplishments are not missing much, if anything.

When I look at my life through my own lens of where I have come from and who I want to be, I’m thrilled with where I am at.”

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