Encouraging change and transformation through inner energy and resonance…

This butterfly wing mosaic is in a set of two that tells the story of a handicap artist. Suffered from polio, she was a burden to her family. Didn’t accept her destiny, she pursued the path of embroidery artisan, and, unbelievably, made it.
That valiant lady now flies with her own spirit’s invisible wings.
Now, she can support not her own self, but the whole family as well.
This organic mosaic is made from real butterfly wings, all farm-raised.
Everything is handmade, covered by UV-protection glass and wood frame.
All the butterflies are farm-raised and were recycled to the artworks only after their natural death.
Medium size: 8×12

Change is transformation; things transform or change because they contain that into which they change. Qi is that connection, that common thread, between one form of the existence and the next. Change occurs through resonance. A caterpillar contains the seed of a butterfly, but for metamorphosis to occur there needs to be a resonance between that caterpillar and its butterflyness. When the weather begins to cool and the days grow shorter, the caterpillar begins to feel the change. A resonance between it and the butterfly, which it both is and will become, begins the transformation. In the same way, we contain many seeds of possibility. When we are sick, we also contain the seed of wellness. It is the job of the healer – often our own selves in our own yoga practice – not to try to force a change from sickness to wellness but to look for that which encourages the resonance between the two. In the same way, while recognizing that we contain joy and sadness, peace and violence, courage and fear, we need to find a practice or a way of life that will help us to water the seeds that bring us to our true heart’s desire. Our path. – Inspired by Biff Mithoefer

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