Strength, Flexibility & Balance….Amazing…

By Jason Bowman

Yoga is the technology to freedom….the strength to look within for fullness…they say the difference between contentment and suffering is whether there exists within a person he who watches he that suffers…cultivating awareness and allows one to identify not with the part of self whose thoughts, emotions and sensations are always changing but with the entity within that is always watching…watching it all unfold with a great sense of humor, an open heart, and the grace to flow downstream actively.

Yoga teaches us how to concentrate and invites us to pay close attention – the practice makes us better professionals, better friends, better leaders, and better lovers. It grants us permission to the big picture where ones problems can be eclipsed by the infinite gifts that rest always right beneath the eye. The small things in life become largely fantastic and the big things become extra credit. Life is an artistic adventure which can be practiced within the microcosm of the body.

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