Becoming The Best YOU…

Iris by DeVaughn Squire at Etsy“You cannot give to anybody in this world what you do not have. And therefore you must concentrate on getting. You must become the most beautiful, sensitive, wondrous, magical, unique, fantastic person in the world to be able to have all these things in order to give them away and share them. Think about it. If I don’t have wisdom I can only teach my ignorance. If I don’t have joy, I can only teach despair. If I don’t have freedom I can only put you in cages. But everything that I have I can give away. That’s the only reason for having it. But I’ve got to have it first. So I dedicate myself to becoming the best ME I can be.” – Leo Buscaglia

2 responses to “Becoming The Best YOU…

  1. Amy,

    This is an interesting take on “getting” and “giving”. I have a book about love by Buscaglia, and since I am going through a place, actually I just realized that, even though I am not necessarily in a good place right now, with regard to love of self or other or divine, that as I read earlier, “this too shall pass, so this is the reminder that I am “moving through” this place and it is not here to stay. Thomas Moore writes of melancholy as a slow moving cold, grey cloud called “dark night of the soul.” And even this “belongs” as “everything does (Richard Rohr). Moreover, it is not all good or all bad either, and even though “moving past” this not so good place also reminds me that better places will come but also will not “last”. But that’s ok today! There are several reasons why your posts move me, primarily because they are meaningful in their own right and also because I know your heart and spirit are genuine and full of “little slivers of peace” which I need right now. We say in the twelve step program that you have to “give it away to keep it” and I often add, but “first you have to have it.” This fits with Buscaglia’s notion of “being the best version of yourself” (as Matthew Kelly would say.). I often think about relationships and hear people say it’s “give and take” and I have revised that to say “give and receive” because “taking” anything hostage in a relationship devalues it and us and the other. So, once gain, thank you for enhancing my spiritual and emotional “place” in this day.

  2. Mark thanks for sharing and sharing your honesty about where you are at right now. Hang in there. Keep breathing out the negative energies and cultivate the positive energies and you will find your balance again soon. Take care – Amy J.

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