Strength Building in Yoga…

Strength Yoga offered at Bob’s Gym and Spirited Strength Yoga offered at St. Mary’s Wellness Center, are basic, beginner level yoga classes that include a variety of strong poses, which as a whole, will build strength in your body and mind. You will sweat. And your muscles may be sore the next day! In all yoga classes, you use large and small muscles and move your body in many directions, toning muscles all over your body, and simultaneously balancing all muscles so they function well together. Strength Yoga relies on a practitioner to stretch and contract their muscles along and into their bones, giving the muscles a sleek elongated look, all while increasing flexibility in muscles and joints. Strength yoga also increases muscle endurance and overall stamina because you typically hold any given pose for a period of time and repeat it several times during class.

Yoga can be just as effective as lifting weights in order to build a strong and defined body – all while maintaining and increasing full range of motion in your muscles and joints. If you enjoy the burn of weightlifting or other rigorous exercise, a regular yoga practice actually helps your muscles prepare for your next workout. Lifting weights and other forms of rigorous exercise releases lactic acid, which causes that burning sensation you feel. In a yoga class, you will simultaneously stretch and strengthen your muscles – while pumping fresh blood and oxygen in and washing lactic acid out.

If you are prone to joint pain or if old (or new) injuries are flaring up, perhaps join me for a Strength Yoga class as your body heals from the injury – this way you won’t lose as much of your strength – and you may heal more quickly. Regardless, these classes will strengthen your mind and body in a safe and supportive environment. Come join in the fun today!

Check out Bob’s Gym and St. Mary’s Wellness Center for more information about schedule and pricing. I’m also available to teach private or small group classes throughout the Evansville community. Reach out anytime!

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