Everything at its finest level of creation is energy. We are exchanging energy and silently communicating with every person we meet or come into contact with. Energy impressions are always our first impressions that influence what we think or feel about others. – Carol Tuttle

All people will hold negative energy at times – we’ve all experienced it ourselves, and we’ve all experienced being around a person when they are holding negative energy – it simply doesn’t feel good in either instance. But we all have a choice to stay and hold onto that negative energy or we can work to release that negative energy and come into a positive state again. When we are in a positive state, or when we are around others who are in a positive state – it simply feels good – there is a flow and a magnetism. It’s dynamic.

The most common term for negative energy or blocked energy is stress, anxiety, and depression. Think of a time when you’ve felt any of these energies – also think of a time when you’ve been around another person who is experiencing these….no good. But – again we have a choice to grip onto these feelings and allow them to take us on a wild emotional roller coaster ride – or we can release them.

We all have the capacity to clear our energy. We can do this by practicing asana (physical yoga) and working with our chakras. We can also do this during meditation. There are many guided meditations on the internet. Some people have a hard time letting these kinds of feelings or mental and emotional blockages go. Sometimes it’s simply too hard to do the work on our own. That’s when it is useful to work with an energy therapist or a yoga teacher who focuses on energy healing.

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