Yoga Improves Proprioception…

Proprioception is the ability to feel where your body is in space, even with your eyes closed. Most people with bad posture or dysfunctional movement patterns aren’t aware of what they are doing wrong, and their lack of awareness prevents them from making changes. The regular practice of asana, however, steadily builds the ability to perceive what your body is doing. Body awareness is part of the larger concept of awareness that is central to all yoga practice. With awareness comes the possibility of making different choices. As you become more aware to internal processes, you become more likely to notice subtle symptoms of serious disease at a stage when it may be more susceptible to treatment. Yogic awareness also allows you to tap into emotions earlier, to recognize, as Buddhists put it, “the spark before the flame.” This gives you more chance not to react impulsively out of anger or fear, to analyze feelings before a cascade of biochemical events sweeps you aware and you do something you might regret later. (source: Timothy McCall, M.D.)

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