Broadening and Focusing Our Awareness…

walking_pathOn my morning walk, there was an incredible automobile accident that happened right in front of me. It was loud, two autos were completely inoperable, and several folks were injured. No one died, but certainly their day is different… and for one of the drivers, their whole world is going to be turned upside down for many months to come, as they rehabilitate and heal.

What’s interesting is that I didn’t even see it take place. I was observing a runner off in the distance, coming down a hill, across the street from me. While I was right there, there’d be no way for me to offer a police report, as I didn’t see anything leading up to the accident. My focus and attention and awareness was way across the street, up the hill.

This accident brought several things to mind. First, our ability to broaden out our awareness and our ability to get narrowly focused and ponder where we are with our focus – in our lives, in situations at work, with loved ones, etc. Am I narrowly focused, can I broaden, and should I? Or vice versus. Am I too broadly focused, and should I narrow… and would a narrowing allow me to see a situation more clearly?

This accident also reminded me that our life situation IS what it IS…. in that moment – but it can change at any time. In an instant – for the better or worse – but that too just IS what it IS! I find being flexible to change serves me well, because change is inevitable. I’m grateful for what is smooth, and try not to stress about things that seem to be rough.

I’ve been writing a lot about yoga benefits lately because I seek to complete all the links on my Yoga Benefits page! Hang in there with me, more blogs about inner healing, personal transformation, passion, and focus coming your way soon!

Share your inner light – Amy


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