How Yoga Creates Change…

Author Bo Forbes, PsyD – Yoga for Emotional Balance

Chronic stress, multitasking, the pressure to have it all, and a value system that emphasizes achievement over self-care make emotional imbalance, not balance, more common in modern human experience. It’s no secret, alarming numbers of Americans are on some type of anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and/or sleep aide.

If you’ve tried for a long time to “fix” your anxiety and depression through medication or psychotherapy, these are not your only options. You can add yoga to any treatment you’re currently using and see beneficial effects. Unlike medication and psychotherapy, yoga addresses the mind and body at the same time. Yoga’s physical poses (both active and restorative) help build new body experiences that differ from anxiety and depression. This tells every system in your mind-body network that you are not anxious and not depressed. Yoga also influences posture: it can shift the very movement and alignment patterns that have led to a closed heart area, amped-up muscular tension, or sped us up to the point of agitation.

Yoga’s benefits don’t stop there. It’s special breathing techniques can calm an anxious mind or invigorate a sluggish one. Its use of relaxation, after each practice and in restorative poses, balances the nervous system. And yoga’s ability to help us attend to our direct experience (sometimes called present-moment awareness), also sets the stage for quieting the mind and changing mental patterns. Yoga’s therapeutic tools (focused attention, visualization, breathing exercises, relaxation, and Restorative Yoga, to name a few) don’t just begin to assemble a new, healthier emotional experience. They reach beyond these experiences to the root of our original suffering: a separation from the deepest parts of ourselves.

Yoga is a mind-body medicine. It works through the mind and body to help heal anxiety, depression, and other forms of emotional pain.

There are countless studies proving the benefits of yoga practice at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

I encourage you, if you are suffering in any way, to seek out a yoga teacher who’s teaching style resonates with you in an environment that feels safe to you, and move through your healing process and find inner peace, happiness, and strength.

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