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What is this thing called bliss?…

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And, how can we encourage its presence in our everyday lives? Bliss is perhaps more easily defined by what it is not. It is not fear. It is not dread. Bliss comes into being only in the absence of anxiety. Furthermore, it is not anger or judgement or rejection or denial. Bliss is not anything negative.

Bliss thrives in the presence of love, compassion, acceptance, trust, and all things positive. Bliss is the flow of pure Spirit into our lives. It is our natural state when we let go of all our thoughts and judgements and contractions and beliefs and other cognitive baggage and simply open up to the passion of being alive and filled with our ultimate life source, your higher power’s infinite creative joy and love.  – John Selby – Seven Masters, One Path

The mind is like the sky…

“The mind is like the sky: clear and crisp at one moment, cloud covered and confused the next. Full of hopeful thoughts now, despairing of the future later. Angry and agitated, and then kindly, calm. It is a landscape of changing, shifting thoughts. The mind is not our thoughts, just as the sky is not the weather. Mind and sky are both spacious containers for life’s continual, creative impulses. If you were to examine your thoughts – really examine them, as they roll across the landscape of your mind – you would begin to notice how repetitious they are, and how you are tricked, over and over, into believing that each new combination of mental stuff is a solid picture of reality. Sit quietly for sixty seconds if you need to be convinced of this, and watch the way your mental weather continually changes.”

“There is something we can do that gets to the root of our most stormy mental weather. It doesn’t get rid of a stormy mood and replace it with a sunny one. Meditation does something much more subtle and even more magical. It wakes us up and leaves us standing tall in any weather.”

– Elizabeth Lessor – The Seeker’s Guide

Unless The Mind Is Controlled…

…the practice of yoga for show is simply a waste of time. One who cannot control his mind lives always with the greatest enemy, and thus his life and its purpose are spoiled. – Bhaktivedanta Swami

by Braja Sorensen….

So are we seeing how this works? Balance means honestly approaching the goals that yoga sets for us; practicing means honest endeavor; the result is more balance, a greater sense of equilibrium. And ultimately, that ability—from the foundation of controlled senses, mind, and ego—of seeing everyone equally, friend and enemy alike. That is balance. And that is a balanced aspect of love…

I See Everyone As Being A Unique Individual…

Having within himself an X factor, for want of a better name. Something within the you of you that is only yours, that is different from everybody else, that causes you to see differently, to feel differently, to react differently. I believe that each of us has this and I only hope that you’ve been fortunate to have met someone along the line who’s helped you develop it. Because maybe the essense of education is not to stuff you with facts but to help you discover your uniqueness, to teach you how to develop it, and then show you how to give it away.

Learn that you don’t find yourself by looking outside yourself. You have to look inside. It’s not an easy trip, the trip of finding your uniqueness to share with others, because all of your life you’re told by others who you are. Has it ever occured to you that you are not really you? Most of you are what people have told you you are. And maybe some of you have been wise enough to get hooked on the fact that others meant well, but what they say you are may not be congruent with what you really are, because you feel uncomfortable with the role that’s been thrown on you. And so you smash it. And you say, “I’m going to try and find who I am.” – Leo Buscaglia

Go inward, find stillness there – sit there – and find out who you really are – because I too believe that each of us has a responsibility of finding our real selves, our true passions, our true purpose – and then going out into the world and sharing our true selves with everyone. Hatha yoga, a moving meditation, helps me go inward – helps me find the stillness – helps me silence my constantly active mind – and has helped me find me, make peace with myself and truly love myself. I cultivate a better me every single day through my yoga practice. Perhaps yoga can help you too.

Getting Similar Effects of Electrical Brain Stimulation Through Yoga and Meditation

The title, far from being denigrating, refers to the belief that when true awareness is practiced, meditation and non-meditation become the same.

I took our Sunday silent class this past weekend at Yoga 101. Dan was teaching and I thanked him for guiding us through a beautiful moving meditation. I mentioned my gratitude for silent classes because they afford me the opportunity to really get out of my head, listen to my body, and simply focus on my breath. There’s no teacher talking, telling us to move our hip down or lift our chest up. The mind-chatter, the posture critique / tweak, the ego – it all simply stops. Dan referenced this article: How Electrical Brain Stimulation Can Change The Way We Think.  I find it absolutely fascinating.

As a yogini and yoga teacher, I believe you can get similar effects of clarity, focus, and silencing your mind-chatter through yoga and meditation. I haven’t had an electrical charge to my brain – perhaps it is a higher level of clarity, perhaps it is not. I do know from personal experience that yoga and meditation silences my mind-chatter. I’ve cultivated extreme focus, creativity, peace, discipline, happiness, calm, stillness, balance, compassion, and patience. I’ve remapped my brain and let go of that crazy non-sense of self-doubt and criticism – for the most part. I’m human – I still get sucked into my head from time to time, but my yoga practice has truly transformed all aspects of my life! I’ve cultivated the ability to lock into this beautiful place within myself… all through yoga and meditation. To each his own, definitely, but I’d encourage you to try a natural way – a yoga way!

Hold Your Pose…

In hatha yoga, a physical moving meditation, you may get more benefits if you get into each posture and hold it. Try it – get into a place where you know you can hold the posture, and don’t tweak – don’t critique – don’t try to go further – get out of your head, stop listening to your yoga teacher’s queues, and hold yourself in stillness. You may find a deeper calming here, a way to let go of the chatter in your head, in your place of stillness, paying attention to your breath and your body. When I can do this, simply get into my pose and hold still – I find a deeper connection with my meditation – my purpose for being in the yoga room. I feel much more relaxed, calm, peaceful, centered, and well-equipped to be the best person I can be for the remainder of my day.

The Landscape of the Heart…

When we do the hard work of stilling the mind and opening the heart, we come into love. First we love within, then we love the world. First we forgive ourselves, then we forgive others and life itself…

Real love of others stems from love of oneself as a soul – not ego loving ego, but soul loving soul.

Love is a deep feeling grounded in action.

Love is the fruit of heartfulness.

– Elizabeth Lesser, The Seeker’s Guide

Hot Yoga Benefits…

Short excerpt below – see full blog post and make sure to read/absorb Kevin’s comment at the end of the full post. I’ve similarly experienced this – calming my chattering mind & becoming more clear about my life’s purpose and focus:


Weight Loss
Muscle and Joint Pain
Tension Relief
 Immune System
 Increased Performance

But these massive physical benefits are just a “side effect” of this mighty exercise. Hot yoga benefits your body by harmonizing the psyche with the body and ends in authentic quantum benefits. It has become an open secret that the determination in the mind has enabled individuals to attain extraordinary physical feats, which proves definitely the psyche and body relationship.

What is hot yoga? The truth is hot yoga equals meditation, for the reason that both work mutually in accomplishing the common objective of unity of psyche, body and spirit that may result in an experience of eternal bliss that one could only feel through yoga. The meditative practices via yoga assist in attaining an emotional stability through detachment. This consequently makes a remarkable tranquility as well as a positive outlook, which also has great benefits over the physical health of the body.

Cultivate Unlimited Friendliness…

Cultivate silence and listening…

I am reminded, ironically just when I need this reminder, of a previous post of mine because Maggie Bluth pinned me in her wisdom category. Thank you Maggie! She has excellent, inspiring STUFF on her page – check it out!

There is a silent channel in our mind. First we have to access it. Second we have to listen to the silence and be with it. The silence is always there. Our challenge is to train ourselves to pay attention to it.

Click for three exercises to help cultivate the art of silence and listening.

I especially enjoy exercise #2 – (yoga/meditation alleviates this….I’m just saying!).