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Our World Is a Shared Experience…

Inspired from a video by Brian Miller

Acrylic, Paint, Lucite

Acrylic, Paint, Lucite









Our world is a shared experience – fractured by individual perspective – imagine if we could all understand each other – and be open to taking in and understanding other people’s perspective. It is called perspective-taking. It seems easy enough to do, but in practice it is incredibly difficult.

It’s not enough to care about someone.

It’s not enough to understand them.

They have to feel understood.

They have to feel cared about.

Relationships are primarily about emotional perspective. How is the other person feeling about our interaction?

One of the simplest ways to understand how the other person is feeling is to ask – and too often we are afraid to do just that. We think they don’t want to share, but we completely underestimate people’s willingness to go into that “feeling” space.

And then it’s our responsibility to listen to understand, not listen to simply to reply – which we all get caught up in.

Life is about connecting. And connecting is about taking on other points of view. Our world is a shared experience – fractured by individual perspective – imagine if we could all feel understood.

Reimagine a Sustainable World…

I like what Patagonia is trying to do here.

Would a meeting be worthwhile if we simply strengthened our relationship?

Would a meeting be worthwhile if we learned something of value? Suppose in a meeting we simply stated our requests of each other and what we were willing to offer each other. Would that justify our time together? Or, in the gathering, what if we only discussed the gifts we wanted to bring to bear on the concern that brought us together. Would that be an outcome of value?” – Peter Block

Sneak in Exercise…

Less than half of us exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes a day. Ideally we should  exercise nearly every day for at least 45 minutes. Sneak in exercise and enhance your social wellbeing and overall connection with those you love.

  1. play tag as a family.
  2. rake & play in the leaves together.
  3. take a walking date each morning or evening with your partner.
  4. ride your bikes together.

I noticed a group of adult guys gathering at a middle school this past Sunday morning to play football together. I also noticed a group of mothers playing tag with their children in the park. Get creative and active and social simultaneously. Sneaking in those 45 daily minutes of exercise could become the highlight of your day.