About & Yoga Classes

Often, one’s life is lived through outside influences rather than inward guidance. Wake up, become your best self – healthy, aware, and living an intentional, purposeful, peaceful life! This blog is a compilation of ideas and conversations about how we find and maintain health, well-being, inspiration, and balance. Practicing and teaching yoga, exercising, meditating, loving people, getting plenty of sleep, nourishing my body-mind-spirit, and focusing on the present moment is what works for me.

I truly enjoy inspiring people to become healthy, energetic, and balanced in all aspects of life. I have a dual work function. I am a marketing and business development strategist: www.organicabrand.com. I typically get involved with architectural firms and real estate developers and am passionate about working and collaborating with people and organizations addressing health, wellness, food access, hunger & obesity, community redevelopment, urban revitalization, and education through inspiration.

I am 200-hr Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor and teach therapeutic yoga – and help people heal at a physical, mental, emotional, and energetic level. I teach private, group, and corporate classes in the Atlanta area. I have multiple trainings including Subtle Yoga, Kids Yoga, Hot Yoga, Seniors Yoga, and study and approach teaching yoga  as a healing modality for people suffering from physical and emotional pain. We often have unnecessary surgeries and take countless drugs that simply mask the root cause of our pain – why not try yoga as a platform for healing?

Reach out anytime: 404-973-2007 or ajohnson@organicabrand.com.

One response to “About & Yoga Classes

  1. Amy, just was told about this sight from Joann. We sure do miss you

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